November 17, 2018

怦然心动婚恋 是我利用工作之余,独立开发完成的,独立开发后台、iOS、Web。 新生代全实名高端婚恋约会交往平台。 怦然心动婚恋,是致力于为全国各地用户打造真实、高效、高端的单身贵族婚恋交友平台,是中国当下人气火爆的一款单身贵族婚恋交友平台。百万单身贵族口碑推荐,一站式快速脱单。
【联系方式】 官方网站:http://www.prxdhl.com/

Heart-to-heart Marriage,I developed the backend, iOS, and Web independently during my spare time.      The new generation of real-name high-end marriage and dating dating platform. It is committed to creating a real, efficient and high-end single-person aristocratic dating platform for users all over the country. It is a popular single-person aristocratic dating platform in China. One million single-person aristocratic word-of-mouth recommendation, one-stop quick release.
     1. 100% full real name quality premium single.
     2. Precise search perfectly matches your loved ones.
     3. Unlimited chat makes dating easier and faster.
Contact information:http://www.prxdhl.com


5th JUN 2017

王者约战 是我在深圳市暴击娱乐互动有限公司与其他5位iOS协作开发的。 王者约战致力于打造全国最大的电竞约战平台。 王者约战是一款面向全民以电子竞技为核心的跨平台多游戏综合竞技互娱服务平台,实现便捷的约战竞技新体验。目前约战以英雄联盟、王者荣耀中的1V1、3V3、5V5模式为主,让广大玩家一键轻松约战,挑战大神,约战身边好友,随时随地爽快对战!
【联系方式】 官方网站:http://www.bigame.com/

The King War,I was in Shenzhen crit entertainment Interactive Limited and 5 other iOS collaboration developed.      The king about war is committed to building the country's largest e-war platform.      King of War is a universal cross-platform multi-games for all the people to compete as the core competitive interactive entertainment service platform to achieve a convenient new competitive battle experience. At present the war to League of Legends, the king of glory in the 1V1, 3V3, 5V5 model-based, so that the majority of players a key easy war, the challenge of God, about war around friends, readily war anywhere!
     1, easy to use, fast registration, rapid war.
     2, massive competition PK war real information platform to provide fair and equitable grade level, single Solo, group PK bronze can also beat the king can earn bonuses Oh!
     3, League of Legends, the king of glory and other popular eSports event information broadcast.
Contact information:http://www.bigame.com/


7th Sep 2017

COMBEI 是我业余时间接的外包,和另外一位iOS合作开发的,BLE 4.0。COBEI是专业的血压测量配套App,通过手机蓝牙快速连接血压测量设备,测量和读取血压测量结果,管理和分析测量数据。实际开发时间15天左右。

COMBEIIt is my outsourcing of spare time, developed in cooperation with another iOS, using BLE 4.0. COBEI is a professional Blood Pressure Measurement App that quickly connects blood pressure measurement devices via Bluetooth, measures and reads blood pressure measurements, and manages and analyzes measurement data. The actual development time of about 15 days.


28th Nov 2016

意中人 是我在深圳华源文化传媒有限公司独立开发的,是一个专业的婚恋平台,所有会员都必须真实身份认证。意中人是为有明确结婚计划的单身贵族提供一个高品质的征婚相亲的婚恋平台,全新的实名制认证交友模式,让会员的交友环境有一个真实安全的保障。平台采用身份认证、在线视频认证、学历认证、资产认证的模式杜绝酒托,婚托等诈骗行为,保证平台内的会员都是以结婚为目的。开发意中人这个项目我用了两个月的时间,功能不算很复杂,所有功能都是自己写的,有些是以前自己造过的轮子,就直接拿来用了。界面简约,给人清晰爽朗的感觉。应用内集成了 AliPay , WXPay。运用 Base64 将用户信息加密传给后台。用 NSUserDefaults 轻量存储用户的账号密码。控件用了很多,如 TableView、TextField、ScrollView、PickerView等等。

Mr Rightis a professional dating platform,it was development by me independent when I was in Shenzhen huayuan culture media co., LTD , and all members must be true identity authentication.Mr Right is for these people who is Lone noble,it has Real-name authentication.The more imporatnt thing is Mr Right has a high level of security.It took me to months to finished,it support AliPay and WXPay.I use Base64 to encryption the user information to the background.I use a lot controls in it like TableView,TextField,ScrollView,PickerView...


9th Jul 2013


搭伴玩是一款可以发现周边一起去旅游的驴友,能制定个性化旅游计划,并且拥有社区讨论,旅游活动等多功能的app。 很荣幸我在2016年初的时候参与了这个项目,我在原版本上进行了UI的优化和调整,并对一些内存上的问题做了优化。搭伴玩具有,捡人去旅游,提供用户直接私人聊天,建群讨论,可以互相点赞留言,在无网络时一样可以保存编辑游记等功能。即时通讯这块用的 XMPP , LBS 用的苹果自带的 CoreLocation ,里面用到了 YYModel ,我自己对YYModel也有过一些研究。(这里有我发表的一些对其的介绍与研究) 该app已经有用户 50w+ ,在应用宝中上过推荐。


Travel Together To Play is a travel app, you can find some people who has same travel plan with you.And you can also talk with others,you can make a group to have talk.In early 2016,I joined the project.I feel very honored to participate,because this app already had 500 thousand of users when I joined.About IM,This app used XMPP.And LBS,used CoreLocation.framework.it also used YYModel ,and here is some research that I have Published to the JianShu. click here

After joined the project,I have read the code so many times,I think my skill had a more improve than before.

至爱空间 Beloved

6th Oct 2015


至爱空间 Beloved 是我在 深圳市至爱空间网络科技有限公司 与另一位iOS开发前辈一起开发的。该项目是一款全品类电商O2O项目。我在项目中做了主页展示,促销商品、团购商品、推荐商品、广播、商品详情页、购物车、物流页面展示、评论页面等。项目在上线之后获得了华为和TCL的千万投资。我们代码管理用过 svn ,也有用过 git。

Love Of Space Beloved is a whole category electricity O2O project .It was development by me with another predecessors when I was in Shenzhen love space network technology co., LTD.In the project, I was responsible for the home page displays, promotional products, bulk commodities, recommend, broadcasting, product details page, shopping cart, logistics page display, comments, etc.After the project launch, obtained huawei and TCL tens of millions of investment.We used SVN code management, also used the git.


18th Aug 2016


热波(原名:热波间)是中国年轻女性专属的品质直播社群,上千款暖男闺蜜任你挑,精品直播内容看不停。拥有魔法美颜、私信畅聊、点赞送礼、时尚活动、等功能。热波是我在业余时间接手的外包项目,第一次深入解 rtmp 推流,并利用 VLC 进行调试,我主要负责了其中的美颜功能,使用了视诀科技的美颜VisioninSDK_v2.00。并在开发调试中与视诀科技的技术人员进行了深入的交流探讨,我也阅读了其中底层的一些核心c++文件,让我受益匪浅。

Thermal Waveis the quality of the young women exclusive live community in China, thousands of warm your choices bromeo, boutique live content to see.With magic beauty, DMS chat, thumb up gifts, fashion activities, etc.Thermal wave is outsourcing projects undertaken in my spare time .It is my first time into the RTMP push flow,and Using VLC for debugging.I mainly responsible for the function of skin care,I used the tactic of beauty of ShiJue. VisioninSDK_v2.00


20th May 2016


悦行运动智能眼镜是配合智能眼镜推出的一款辅助软件,产品及软件具备拍照,摄像、直播、蓝牙音乐、蓝牙电话等功能,也可用作行车记录。该项目也是我在业余时间接的外包,接了这个项目之后的那段时间,每天下班就是去另外一家公司与硬件工程师联调,很有意思。该项目的核心代码不是我写的,我负责了新的界面开发,AppStore 中还没有上传,示例中的Focusee只是一个类似于我做的这个项目,功能基本相同,界面不同。开发中,我对利用wifi进行视频直播,也有了更深入的认识。


YueXin Movement Intelligent Glasseswith smart glasses to launch a auxiliary software, software products and have pictures, video, live music, bluetooth, bluetooth phone, and other functions, also can be used as a driving record.The project outsourcing is also in my spare time.During that time,after work,I went to another company alignment with hardware engineer,it is very interesting.The core code of this project is not wrote by me, I was in charge of the new interface development.It haven't upload in AppStore, Focusee in the sample is only one similar to this project, I do have the same function, different interface.Development, I use wifi for video broadcast, also had a deeper understanding.

I'm in the development of the current, more in-depth study on the BLE, this makes me very well in the project development.


19th Oct 2015

智能家具-台灯该项目是在2015年中国国际高新技术成果交易会举办前几天,我花了一周不到的时间做出来的。该项目集成了 科大讯飞的语音sdk 讯飞开放平台,还有就是BLE。当时的需求就是通过蓝牙连接之后,将语音指令通过蓝牙传输,实现台灯的亮灭,以及调色。硬件这块是我一个朋友做的,用的BLE4.0芯片。当时是赶着上高交会展览,所以我只是负责了功能的实现而并没有上传应用商店,但是项目代码我已经传到我的github上了,需要的朋友可以直接点上方github浏览。

Intelligent Furniture, Desk LampThe project is in the 2015 China international hi-tech fair held a few days ago, I spent less than a week to finished.The project integrates the hkust xunfei speech SDK Xunfei Open Platform ,and BlueTooth.When demand is via bluetooth connection, the transmission of voice commands via bluetooth, destroy the light of a lamp, and color.The hardware is one of my friends do, using BLE4.0 chip.It is catch up CHTF exhibition at the time, so I just responsible for the implementation of the functionality is not upload the app store.


8th Nov 2015


来店通是一个可以从应用内搜索联系人,并一键拨打电话,可以通过app下载彩信,并一键发送。该项目也是我在业余时间接的外包,通过github,我查找到了一些朋友造的轮子,在我详细阅读之后,我进行了借鉴,并造出了自己需要的轮子。该项目开发周期一个月多,之所以长,完全是因为,纯文本信息沟通,发包方很忙,很少和我电话沟通,发的需求文档也不是很清晰。无奈之下,验收的时候这个要返工那个要返工,所以延长了开发周期。这个app这里我调用了一些私有api例如发送MMS,所以也米有上传app store,后来是帮发包方用蒲公英分发到他们的客户手机上进行使用的。该项目的代码,我也上传到了我的githu上,同样点击上面的图片可以去下载浏览。

Lai Dian Tong is a search contacts from within the application, and a key to make calls, can download MMS app, and a key to send.The project outsourcing is also in my spare time, through a lot, I find some friends to build the wheels, after I read, I for reference, and made the wheels of the you need.More than a month, the project development cycle is long, is because, plain text information communication, the party is busy, rarely and I telephone communication, send the requirements document is not very clear.In desperation, acceptance of this to rework the to rework, so prolong the development cycle.This app here I call some private API such as sending MMS, so meters also have uploaded the app store, then is to help the party awarding contract with the dandelion distribution to their customers to use mobile phones.

If you are interested in this project, you can click the links below for more. I will supply full support and update for this project, including great manual, complete documentation and forum support.


29th March 2016



Is based on the related Suggestions about the development of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" industry under the state council and ministries of policy guidance and establish agricultural software application.This is my spare time to answer the same outsourcing, independent development is complete.Demand is very simple, the party's need to do a simple imitates the tencent news app.Then through integration, realize the login, comments, etc.Finally, by integrating their Allies to realize the function of sharing again.The project development cycle 15 days to submit the first version, later again raised some requirements of the party awarding the contract, the continued cooperation, the iterative several versions.


14th Oct 2016


车安易分为商家版和客户版,商家版是深圳慧运科技有限公司旗下交易平台的一款App,基于商家经营管理的" SASS 软件 + B2B2C "的创新商业模式,以供给正品配件为立足点,以城市为中心进行区域化市场交易,为多方提供更加精准、更加优质的服务。该项目是我2016年中旬接手的外包项目,是和4个iOS的朋友一起做的,我主要负责淘街、积分商城、购物车、以及商品展示、结算、物流信息、订单查询等。我们使用的是OSC git 托管的代码,多人协同开发。

Car ezsafe Divided into customers and merchants editions, the businessman is shenzhen hui yun technology co., LTD. A App's trading platform, based on the business operation and management of "SASS software + B2B2C" innovative business model, in order to supply quality goods accessories as foothold, regional market transactions in city as the center, to provide more accurate and more quality services.The project is outsourcing project I took over the middle of 2016, with four iOS friends did, I mainly responsible for new street, integral mall, shopping cart, and commodity exhibition, settlement, logistics information, inquiries orders, etc.We are using the OSC git managed code, more collaborative development.

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我是曹丰 (@BEAUTYBLUES),我一般活跃在 GitHub新浪微博FaceBook上,偶尔也会在自己的博客上写点东西,想找我的话可以给我发邮件。欢迎您告诉我任何您的想法和需求,或者如果您有什么好点子我能帮上忙,也可以与我联系。在这个页面上展示的是一些我平时工作以及个人完成的项目;另外,我还有一些不值一提的开源项目放在 GitHub 上,您有兴趣的话也可以在我的页面找到它们。要是我的文章和这些项目能对您有所帮助的话,我会非常开心。如果您乐于支持我的项目和之后的继续发展,欢迎通过支付宝进行无负担小额资助,十分感谢。


I am Cao Feng (@BEAUTYBLUES). You can contact me on GitHub, Sina Weibo and FaceBook. Of course email is welcome as well. Please tell me what do you think about of these projects. I would be very happy if these projects can help you in any way. There are also some small open source code on my GitHub, you can find them easily in my GitHub page. If you feel like to support me to develop, some small donate through Alipay is welcome and I will try my best to do work well. Thank you very much.